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Full Hammock Saddle

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Tired of hotspoting and pinching with traditional tree saddle designs? Then get into our hammock system – a comfortable and adaptable solution. Say goodbye to pressure points with full-body support that distributes your weight over a larger area.  Adjust to your favorite shape by folding the fabric.  Industry known comfort and upper back support. Transition from saddle to cocoon-mode for early mornings or all day sits. Enhance your stability for shots with chest support. Tailor recline angle using top-edge adjusters.

Pick your style of legs straps and use your harness with a climber, lock-on, or any style treestand.  You can still bring your hammock with you if needed and deploy it for an extra seat or a different vantage point.  Use this system hybrid or full time saddle, the choice is yours.



**Other accessories pictured are not included and are for display purposes only.  This kit contains (1) Full Hammock, (1) Large Pouch, (1) KillDeer Harness with Enforcers.


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1 review for Full Hammock Saddle

  1. Dustin Schild (verified owner)

    Since I began saddle hunting a grew years back, I was never very happy with the traditional options out there. I tried several and just couldn’t understand the need for all of the excess. I wanted something with less weight, closer to my rock climbing gear. I read posts on several saddle hunting forums claiming sitting in rock climbing styled harnesses for long periods were bad for you, but I’ve spent 100’s of hours hanging off walls with those to know better. I came across the drey after a 2 week trip of using a super heavy lockdown saddle nonstop and immediately put in an order. Just got it in and immediately got to climbing. My prayers have been answered! Lightweight, easy setup and faaaar more comfortable with better options for different positions. I can’t sell my old gear quick enough! Lol once the mutiny is back in stock, I’ll order a second just to keep a backup on hand or to let friends use/try out. I have a feeling there will be a ton of people converting to this in the very near future. Thanks guys!

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