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Mini Hammock Saddle

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Tired of hotspoting and pinching with traditional tree saddle designs? Then get into our hammock system – a comfortable and adaptable solution. Say goodbye to pressure points with the form fitting function you know and love from hammocks.   Industry known comfort and adaptability.  Mini hammock gets you closer to to the tree with less material management than its full size sibling.  Set back angle using top-edge adjusters.

Pick your style of legs straps and use your harness with a climber, lock-on, or any style treestand.  You can still bring your hammock with you if needed and deploy it for an extra seat or a different vantage point.  Use this system hybrid or full time saddle, the choice is yours.



**Other accessories pictured are not included and are for display purposes only.  This kit contains (1) Full Hammock, (1) Large Pouch, (1) KillDeer Harness with Enforcers.


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Weight22 oz

1 review for Mini Hammock Saddle

  1. Ron

    I never write reviews, but this saddle is worthy enough to. I clock in a lot of hours on stand and this saddle allows me to sit even longer. I used the mini and the full hammock pretty hard for almost 2 months of late season hunting. I have owned several saddles and this is the most comfortable, safest, lightest and the most mobile set up I have ever used. The mini is great for one sticking as well. The customer service and support has been the best I have ever dealt with. This saddle system will allow you to focus more on the deer hunting and less about all the gear BS on the market today.

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