TwinHitch 8mm Tether



The most packable, time tested, highest minimum break strength rope on the market; now designed to work with our KillDeer Harness and Hammock kits.  The included wiregate carabiner is used for an anchor point for the hammock, while the locking carabiner is used for your harness.

  • 8 feet of 8mm Teufelberger Resc Tech Rope
  • 5″ robotically sewn eye
  • Finished with a stopper knot
  • Two friction hitches and carabiners

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to supply chain constraints and availability carabiner included is subject to change.


DO NOT use the wiregate carabiner for anything other than clipping your hammock into.
NEVER unclip from your harness while using your hammock.
Pass both hitches through the eye of the tether in order to properly install the TwinHitch to a tree.

The locking carabiner (bottom) is to be used for your harness as follows:

The wiregate carabiner (top) is to be used for your hammock as follows:


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