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For The Drey LL (with traditional lineman loops) please click here.

—  True One Size Fits All (Up to 50″ Waist)
—  Zero Pressure Point Design
—  Removable leg straps
—  Adjusters for reclining or upright positioning
—  Samson AMSTEEL®-BLUE throughout
—  COBRA® D-Ring buckle by AUSTRIALPIN™

Made in USA

*COBRA is a registered US trademark of AUSTRIALPIN


Please note that pictures showing orange amsteel are no longer accurate.  They are for display purpose only.  All amsteel is currently black/gray.

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Unsatisfied with current market offerings, we threw out all of the traditional saddle designs and built a foundation that revolves around two things: comfort and safety.


Tired of constantly adjusting pressure and fidgeting with traditional tree saddle designs?  Ready to sit still for hours instead of minutes?  We were too, so we made a hammock.  It’s not hard to see the benefits of a large piece of material supporting the entirety of the body — pressure points cease to exist.  The real beauty of this design is not just the comfort but how adjustable and adaptive it is.  Pull one end of the fabric all the way up past your shoulders and around your head for true comfort and stealth.  Let it drop back down to your lower back or right below your arms when the need arises.  The bottom portion can be pulled out all the way to the back of your knees or back to the edge of your butt.  Wear it like a traditional saddle or completely engulf yourself into the hammock.  Feel free to move your arms and hands without fear.  Eat a snack, play on your phone, read a book; it doesn’t matter because the hammock hides it all.

On rear or weak side shots you can turn into the hammock and have complete chest support which gives you better stabilization and more stamina for the shot.  Adjusters located on the top edge of the hammock tailor the experience from recliner to upright positioning.  Did you get to your stand earlier than anticipated?  Are you in that mid-day lull stage of an all day sit?  Put the hammock in recliner mode and pull the fabric up over your head.


Safety is not second to comfort.  After rigorously testing a span of different materials, we settled on a high quality rip-stop nylon for the hammock portion. Testing included repetitive shock loading at drops over 9 feet and up to 400 pounds.  Results were conclusive: The chosen fabric withstood severe, repetitive shock loading without failure due to a higher quality fabric and our fabric-cinching design.  Imagine a rope’s fibers all laid out and woven together into a hammock and it starts to make sense how this could be.   Although this strength may seem adequate, the hammock portion of this system should never be used by itself without a highly rated backup system in case of failure.  Lucky for you, we built one in.

The system’s main line of safety revolves around a 6,000 LB rated belt webbing sewn to a 22kn ANSI rated COBRA® D-Ring Buckle by AUSTRIALPIN™.  Attached to the D-Ring buckle is a locked brummel continuous loop of 3/16″ AMSTEEL®-BLUE with each tag end buried 14″.  That loop is turned into a prussic which friction hitches to a 1/4″ full bury AMSTEEL®-BLUE line with a locking brummel eye splice that connects to your carabiner.

This kit comes with removable, quick-attach leg straps.  Completely unrestricted leg movement means full comfort and no more awkward walks to the tree.  This configuration is more inline with a rock climbing harness so if/when load is applied your special jewels are no longer in fear of being smashed.


Multicam is DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treated.
Green and orange are untreated nylon.


As long as you can fit your waist and your clothes within a 50″ circle, you will fit.  The only limit on the smaller end is how many accessories you put on the belt.
Even though it will fit a child, THIS PRODUCT IS NOT TO BE USED WITH/FOR CHILDREN!  Children cannot be trusted to properly handle and operate carabiners, ascenders, knots, buckles, etc.


—  True One Size Fits All (Up to 50″ Waist)
—  Zero Pressure Point Design
—  Modular components for complete customization
—  Removable leg straps
—  Adjusters for reclining or upright positioning
—  No more stepping through your bridge
—  Samson AMSTEEL®-BLUE throughout
—  Heavy duty pouch with #5 YKK VISLON® Zipper
—  COBRA® D-Ring buckle by AUSTRIALPIN™

Made in the USA

Weight Rating: 300 lbs


*    COBRA is a registered US trademark of AUSTRIALPIN

Additional information

Weight1.75 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 4 in

Multicam, Forest Green

4 reviews for The Drey

  1. Justin Liedtke (verified owner)

    I made a post about this saddle on numerous saddle pages on FB. Its supportive and very comfortable. I’m extremely impressed with the compact , 1 pound , full supportive saddle.

  2. Derek Wells

    If your not using dryad saddles your missing out the drey allows me to sit day in and day out from daylight to dark it’s unbelievable at how comfortable it is y’all give it a shot you won’t be disappointed,,,,,,,now on to the turkey calls that they offer made by maewood calls you will not find a call that has a high of a quality as these theyre truly remarkable I have about everyone that they make and the realistic sounds that these calls produce are second to none I highly recommend them ….are you even turkey hunting if your not using a maewood call ,,I think not

  3. Ryan brown

    I bought the famous Tethrd saddle as my first saddle this fall. After 2 uses my buddy found the drey. I immediately returned the Phantom saddle Terhrd for the drey! So happy! Can sit all day with no back pain. Have two torn discs from service as Army Green Beret and needed comfort in order to hunt. The Drey is the best saddle hands down! Comfortable, lightweight, minimalist.

  4. James

    Great tool, I have used three other saddles and while they were great thi sone blows them out of the water. The hammock is ingenius…. it’s not set up like a traditional saddle is and takes some fiddling to get dialed in… but any saddle needs that. For me what stes this apart is the comfort and versitility, its basically its own built in back back band and its just so dang comfy. I use mine with a ring of steps and its very comfortable. If you are a sitter this is your best option in my opinion.

    Dane the owner will bend over backwards to help you and answer any question you may have, he is a solid guy and is big on customer service.

    Highly recommend this as a tool to slam Booners.

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